A Small investment can
make a huge difference!

Often, you can create a spectacular new kitchen look
at a minimal remodeling cost by simply refinishing
your existing cabinets.  If you love your current kitchen,
but the doors and drawers are looking a bit worn,  or
out of date, consider refinishing your tired cabinets
with a sparkling new professional finish.  

Your color choices are limitless and we can add
features such as accent glazing, and various styles of
antiquing.  We can even combine refinishing with
cabinet additions, repair and modifications.  

At the Kitchen Company, our refinishers always take
the necessary time to clean, sand, patch and repair
your existing cabinets to assure that our
professionally applied catalytic lacquer finish will be
beautiful and last for many years.

While refinishing, we can replace those tarnished old
hinges with state of the art European concealed
hinges and complete your new look with stunning
new door and drawer pulls.

Even your closest friends will think you just had an
expensive major kitchen renovation.
The kitchen above was refinished in off-white with coffee accent glaze, and as an
accent, the  island cabinet was finished in stained cherry
Two colors combined with accent glazing were successfully
used in this kitchen
Select from dozens of  cabinet  
and glaze accent colors and we
will prepare a sample for your
approval before we begin.
We're fussy about
our finishes

The Kitchen Company uses a 9 step
process to assure the highest
professional quality finish.

1. Doors and drawer fronts are removed
and refinished at our shop
2. A plastic dust barrier curtain is
installed  to isolate the work area from
the rest of your home.
3. Cabinets are sanded, patched and
prepared for new finish.
4. A durable primer is applied.
5. Primer is lightly sanded
6. The final color finish is applied
7. Accent glazing is applied by hand to
each door and drawer front.
8. Finally, a clear protective topcoat is
9. Doors and drawer fronts are then
reinstalled with new hinges and pulls
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Cabinet Refinishing
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