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What is kitchen cabinet refacing?
Refacing literally means putting a new face on your existing cabinets. It can
give your kitchen a brand new look without the cost, time and mess of a
major cabinet replacement. The process consists of replacing your old
doors with new, high quality solid wood doors and drawer fronts, as well as
new concealed hinges, and beautiful new pulls. The remaining cabinet
exteriors are permanently clad with furniture grade wood veneer and your
new cabinet face receives a durable factory lacquer finish in the stain or
color of your choice.
In many cases, a refaced kitchen can look better than new, and with the
addition of a few inexpensive cabinet modifications and accessories, your
kitchen can be more functional as well.

Does refacing make sense for me?
Refacing is the kitchen makeover that makes sense if you want a great new
look without changing the basic layout of your kitchen.  Because cabinet
doors and drawer fronts wear out much faster than the inner cabinet
framework,  you can usually save time an expense by replacing just the
cabinet doors and exterior surfaces only, and keeping the inner framework.  
Chances are that your existing cabinets are 3/4" thick solid wood as
opposed to new cabinets which are often 5/8" thick particle board. Refacing
also makes environmental sense.  Conserving part of your existing cabinets
helps the environment by saving trees.

How long does refacing take?
Most kitchens can be refaced in three to seven days.  In some cases,
however, when we perform more extensive modifications such as updating
the style of  an island or peninsula, adding extra cabinets, or replacing a
countertop and tile splash, it may take longer.

Is refacing a permanent solution?
A quality refaced kitchens is anything but a temporary fix. It can be as
durable as a new set of cabinets.   We often visit our past clients and, after
five or ten or even fifteen years, their kitchens still look like new. But, rather
than us blowing our own horn, we encourage you to contact some of our
past clients and ask them yourself.  In some cases they will even let you
come and take a look first hand.  

What does refacing cost?
Refacing costs vary based on size of the kitchen, the door style and the
hardwood species you select.  Refacing generally costs 1/3 to 1/2 of the
cost of a tear out and replacement.  

Refacing only takes a few days, as opposed to a total cabinet replacement
which can render your kitchen unusable for weeks.   The savings in
restaurant bills alone could be substantial.

What kind of style choices do I have?
We offer a selection of over 100 beautiful solid wood, finely crafted door and
drawer front styles. You can also select from numerous carved corbels, a
variety of crown molding styles, bun feet, valences, vent hood enclosures,
corner columns, and pilasters, all of  which can add a spectacular personal
touch to your refaced cabinets.

Can I add accessories?
Kitchen accessories are a great complement to any kitchen remodeling.  
With refacing, you can accessorize your kitchen by choosing from an
endless array of options ranging from a roll-out, double bin trash drawer, to
slide out shelving, drawer organizers, pull out spice drawers and much

What guarantee will I have?
The Kitchen Company offers a 5 year guarantee on our doors and
Cabinet Refacing
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