Should I consider a complete cabinet

Creative kitchen design and cabinet replacement can transform your kitchen in ways you never
thought possible. Problem areas can be corrected and your kitchen can be made beautiful,
efficient and ultra functional.  But keep in mind that a complete kitchen replacement can take
months to accomplish and be quite expensive.  
Remodeling Magazine, one of the construction
industry's most credible publications, keeps yearly figures on kitchen remodeling costs.  You
might find their annual report useful:  
Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report  2011-12.

There are many good reasons to favor a complete kitchen tear out and replacement over less
extensive techniques like the Mini-Makeover.  Over the past 20 years, we have heard almost all
of the reasons.  The decision to undertake planning a complete kitchen replacement makes
most sense when one or more of the following conditions occur:

Can I replace my kitchen on a frugal budget?

The answer to this question is an unqualified YES, you can have a new kitchen on a budget.  
The Cost vs.Value report we linked above lists a sticker shocking price of $54,426 for a mid
range kitchen renovation in Atlanta and almost double that  for an upscale kitchen. Often the
kitchens we replace cost half of that figure. The key to these  savings is what we call
and here is how it works.  The most significant area of cost savings for a new kitchen
project is the cabinet line you select. It is possible, without compromising features or quality, to
save 20-30% of the cost of cabinets simply by choosing the right cabinet manufacturer. The
same smart savings can be applied to tile work, counter tops, plumbing fixtures and most of
the other materials and products which make up your new kitchen. It adds up quickly.

Should you desire a totally new kitchen renovation on a budget, designed precisely to meet
your needs, give us a call. The Kitchen Company brings a little something different to the table.
 Although we have redesigned and replaced numerous kitchens in Atlanta over the past 20
years with an emphasis on quality construction,  we will never lose site of your bottom line.
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New Cabinets
Should you desire total cabinet replacement, here are a few of the major cabinet lines we can provide
When your cabinets have serious condition issues:
Sometimes cabinets can deteriorate far beyond the point where it makes sense to
restore them.  At that point, replacement is cost efficient.

When your existing kitchen layout doesn't work:
Your kitchen layout should match your lifestyle. If you like to cook with others, there
should be enough space for each of you to cook. If you entertain in your kitchen, it
should be capable of accommodating groups of people and allow for social activity.
Appliances should be conveniently located for ease of use.  Planning a kitchen new
layout allows an opportunity bring your lifestyle into your kitchen.

When you simply desire a major change:
If you've been collecting magazine clippings of dream kitchens for months and  you
know what you like.  If you have decided that it would be impossible to achieve the look
you want unless you start from scratch, then a new layout makes sense.
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