Small, inexpensive modifications to your existing cabinets can
make a huge difference in the style and functionality of your
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the renovation that makes
Your kitchen has served you well, but with a
Mini-Makeover you can take it to another level. Our
designers will work with you to combine small
economical changes to your cabinets along with
refinishing or refacing.  The result will be an easy cost
saving tune up that not only gives your kitchen a great
new look, but updates the way your kitchen functions
as well.
-- A very smart home investment!

Popular Mini-Makeovers

Update your kitchen island or peninsula
With a few modifications, such as luxurious new wood paneling, turned column accents, and
new carved corbels, you can transform ordinary into spectacular.

Enclose your refrigerator to give it that built-in look
If your refrigerator looks like an outsider in your kitchen, a new cabinet enclosure can bring it in
from the cold and give it a build-in look. (see example in photo at lower left)

Repair,  replace or add new drawers
Treat yourself to the convenience of new whisper quiet, full extension, soft close drawer glides.

Add convenient new pull out shelving to your cabinets

Add a new counter top
We have a long association with one of Atlanta's premier countertop fabricators and are pleased
to offer the widest selection of beautiful quartz and natural granite available at a competitive cost.

Create an attractive new tile splash panel
Elegant and practical, a tile splash behind your countertops is a perfect accent to your new
cabinet look.

Add a pair of glass doors and convert a plain cabinet into a showcase

Dress up your cabinets with a stylish new crown molding
Adding attractive new crown molding and trim is a another small change that can make a  big
difference to the looks of your kitchen.

Add a new cabinet or convert an existing cabinet to a new use
Seamlessly add a new cabinet, or modify an old one.

Add modern appliances
Don't worry that those new appliances you love won't quite fit into your existing cabinets. We can
make the appropriate modifications.

Brighten your kitchen with new electrical modifications
Our licensed electrician can brighten your countertops with new under cabinet lighting, add an
outlet where you have always wanted one, replace your current your outlets with safe GFCI
devices, add hanging lights above your island, and much more.
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Before                                       During makeover                   Mini-Makeover Complete
By changing only one cabinet, the Mini-Makeover shown above makes this kitchen's cooking area
much more attractive.
     Island Before makeover       
   Island During makeover         
   Island  Mini-Makeover almost complete   
The Kitchen Company, 2012